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Established in 2008 


Residential and Commercial Epoxy Systems

Epoxy Garage Floors: (Residential, Retail).


Epoxy  chip flake systems are rated for vehicle exposure.  It’s designed to with stand the weight, heat, and oil that auto shops deal with every day.

Chip flake system works well in garage's, kitchens, manufacturing environments, warehouse's, and animal care facilities.

We always use "Vapor Block Epoxy", and seal it with a "Polyurea" topcoat.

This ensures that that your epoxy garage floor will never "pop-up", and the surface has the most durability you can get. Good stuff.

Commercial Epoxy Systems: (Kitchens, Warehouses, etc).

Colored Quartz Epoxy systems, and Commercial Grade epoxy are routinely called out for by the Ca. Health Dept. for kitchen environments. A Cove Base can be included if necessary.

Warehouse environments that have heavy forklift traffic, manufacturing, and heavy equipment, need to be coated with material designed specifically for that. There are a number of options, let us help you decide which one is right for your business.

Polished Concrete:

Beautiful, enviromently friendly, and functional. Polished concrete is strictly an interior finish. Polished Concrete can be stained to give the surface an extraodinary colorful finish.

Concrete Restoration:

Other wise known as Concrete Repair. Typical environments include warehouse's, retail space's, and anywhere the concrete is "not good". Whether your looking at 10.000 Sq feet of Spanish tile, or 50 years of built up industrial waste, we can make it like new! Quickly!