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Concrete Staining and Sealing is just a really nice way to spruce up a patio, or some walkways. I don't recommend this for driveways. It doesn't always hold up to vehicle traffic.

And applying some fresh stain, and/ or a sealer to old Decorative Concrete can really bring out the original aesthetic! Same goes for Stamped Concrete.

Staining and Sealing

Grind and seals are a very cost-effective way to provide a workable commercial concrete coating service.  

This a three step process.

We grind the concrete the same as you would as a Polished Concrete System. But then we seal it with the appropriate concrete sealer system.

Note: Concrete Sealers vary. It depends on what the area is being used for. This will be determined in the estimating process.

Grind and Seals

Grind and Sealed Garage Floor



Polished Concrete

A word (or two) about concrete coatings, and concrete.

Epoxy Garage Floors. There is a lot of disinformation out there. Maybe that's because there are so many different manufacturers. I don't know. But what I do know is this: If you put a coating of any kind on concrete it had either be "locked down" or breathable.

That’s why we ALWAYS use "Vapor Block" epoxy. It's a water proofer. That means it will not ”pop up", peel, etc. And, that's why all of our Epoxy Garage Floors, come with a ten-year warranty. But, it will be there for twenty. 

   (The reason epoxy coatings fail is because of something called "Efflorescence". The is just water vapor that pushes up from under the slab).

Learn more about our concrete and Epoxy Garage floors, today! 

Epoxy Garage Floor
Stain and Sealed Patio Floor

Epoxy Garage Floors

Epoxy flooring services are what we do. It's an everyday thing for us.  

This is a three-day process. 

The first day of our Epoxy Garage Flooring process is all prep. We mechanically prep the concrete with a "Concrete Grinder". This is attached to a HEPA vacuum. Then we patch all the cracks, divots, etc. 

We apply the "Vapor Block Epoxy" and chip flakes on the second day. 

Finally, on the third day, we seal it with something called "Polyurea". 

All of the materials are two-part, commercial grade, heavy duty stuff. Nothing is water based. And it's definitely not one of the big box stores "systems". 

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Staining and Sealing

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Grind and Seals