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Grind and Seal Concrete Floor Services

When you are trying to decide on which flooring system to use for your work space, there are a lot of things to consider. One of the most popular options is grind and seal. Our grind and seal floor services provide our customers with beautiful concrete floors that last. The biggest benefits of the grind and seal system includes relatively lower installation costs, and durability. A grind and Seal is most effective when you light forklift traffic, and you want a surface that is easy to keep clean. 

This is a two-step process: 


The first step of our grind and seal concrete flooring system is the prep work. Like any good project, the key to success is in the prep work. As with the Epoxy Chip Flake Systems, the concrete needs to ground open. And, as the other systems, we patch all the cracks, divots, etc. This is allowed to dry overnight. 


The final step in our process is the sealing. We first demo the remaining patch, and vacuum the entire surface. Then we just roll whichever sealer we have deemed appropriate for your work environments needs. The most common material is “Polyurea”. This is the same material we use to seal all of our Epoxy Garage Floors with. Other options are available.

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