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Epoxy Garage Floors:

Residential Chip Flake System.

This is a two/  three day process.

Day one:

Prepare concrete with a concrete grinder. Patch all cracks, divots, etc.

Day two:

Apply "Vapor Block Epoxy" and Chip Flake.

Day three:

Apply "Polyurea Top Coat".


Stem walls are included.

We give a full ten tear warranty on all materials and labor.

There is an extra charge for previous epoxy removal.

We can also demo carpet, tiles, etc if necessary.

Vapor Block/ Non-Slip System

This is a three step process.

The process is the same as above.

We use a liberal amount of "Silica Sand" instead of Chip Flake.

Many other options are available.

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Commercial Epoxy Systems:



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