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The "Super System"

Polished Concrete

The Epoxy Chip Flake “Super System”:

We’ve developed the Epoxy Chip Flake Super System out of necessity. The standard chip flake system works great in residential garages, but commercial environments usually need something a little more durable. The most difficult aspect of the commercial workspace is dealing with forklifts.


The Grind and Seal System:

   Grinding and Sealing concrete is for work areas where you either have light forklift traffic, or no forklift traffic. It’s intended for foot traffic, carts, etc. only.

It’ purpose is to just help in keeping the work space clean.

This looks a lot like a Polished Concrete surface, but it’s not. We “grind’ the concrete the same way as you would  polished concrete, but you stop half way through, and seal it.

Grind and Seals

Staining and Sealing



Polished Concrete:

   Polished concrete is a great option for areas with high forklift traffic. That’s because the chemicals used to polish the concrete are baked into the concrete. Therefore there isn’t an epoxy system to break, fail, etc.

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Polished Concrete


Grind and Seals



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